In many situations concrete needs to be waterproofed. It prevents water from penetrating into the construction or to protect the steel reinforcement that is inside the concrete. We supply and apply !

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Our Specialized Coatings is the right product to realize a durable protection of concrete. Whether it is to seal entire surfaces like basements or concrete decks, or concrete details and connections, we have the right solution by doing the application and that the coatings are fully seamless, the product has no weak spots or overlaps that could cause leaks.

Our specialized Coatings are commonly used as a sealant on basements, foundations, ground level details, parking decks, silos, storage wells, manure pits, construction joints, retaining walls, sand-lime walls, cement blocks, prefab elements and many more. This applies to new constructions but also to renovation. Our coatings can easily fix the cracks in concrete. And because of the durable flexibility, it can cover the cracks for a long period of time.