Our various available coating systems can be used as corrosion prevention and corrosion renovation. We are suppliers & applicators (with guarantees available) for a variation of well known brands. Our products is fully waterproof, resistant against chemicals and salt.

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Corrosion is the process where metals, which are exposed to oxygen and water, will start rusting. Corrosion is an oxidation layer that grows on the surface of the metal. Corrosion is a major problem and occurs in many different situations. Corrosion prevention or the treatment of corrosion is essential in many circumstances.

The product adheres perfectly on almost every metal surface. It seals the surface and will not allow any water or air to get in contact with the metal. If the Rubber coating gets mechanically damaged, the corrosion will never expand underneath the rubber coating. The mechanical damage is easy to spot repair.

Our various available coating systems are suitable to cover existing corrosion. The product adheres to corrosion and will seal the corrosion from water and air. This will naturalize the corrosion process. Our specialized coating systems is frequently used to protect metals on steel walls, steel construction, steel pillars, halls, panels, silos and many more.