If you want to lay vinyl, carpets or other types of flooring that require a perfectly flat and level surface, self-levelling screeds are ideal for you. Foot traffic will then be possible between 12 and 72 hours after installation, helping your project to run as time-efficient as possible. Self-leveling concrete is polymer-modified cement that doesn't need the addition of large volumes of water for placement. It is used to create smooth flat surfaces with very high compressive strengths. It can be installed on the top of concrete, ceramic tile, VCT, Wood or Plywood or any non-flexible surface

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Unlike concrete, it flows easier and sets up much faster. The product is mixed with water, pumped or poured into place, and spread evenly with a gauge rake. Once it’s spread out, it continues to flow evenly and levels itself out. 

Wakol Z680 Dust-reduced, cement-based levelling compound for treating unevenness in layer thicknesses of 1 to 10 mm under textile flooring and elastic flooring indoors. Can be applied with a rakel. Can be pumped. Low in chromate according to REACH.

Our Wakol levelling screeds offer great self-levelling and smoothing properties. Its fast-setting property, enables floor covering materials to be laid quickly. If you are considering underfloor heating, levelling screeds can also be an excellent solution as they are a good conductor of heat.