A UV resistant acrylic rubberising compound for corrosion protection and moderate abrasion applications. Rubberguard is applied as a single component liquid, alone or as a top coat for Liquid Rubber Industry's bitumen based coatings.

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  • A UV resistant acrylic rubberising compound.
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection and a good non-skid surface.
  • Has excellent abrasion resistance in moderate applications such as trailers, bakkies and chassis.
  • Provides good sound damping properties on vibrating equipment.
  • Materials are water based and non-toxic.
  • The coating can be applied up to 6 mm thick.
  • Not recommended for use on substrates permanently submerged in water


Liquid Rubber RoofSeal Smooth/Textured is ideally used for waterproofing of concrete, IBR, corrugated roofs, non-slip walkways, steel, plaster walls, trailers, bakkies and chassis. Liquid Rubber RoofSeal has good sound dampening properties.


Ensure that all surfaces are free of flaky paint, rust, debris, all grease, and other contaminants.
Carbon steel – Power brush to remove all thick and loosely adhering rust, followed by sanding with BIND to provide a mechanical key. Alternatively abrasive blast clean to at least grade Sa2 of SIS 05 5900 – 1967 with a maximum profile of 40 micrometers. Prime with one coat of METAL TREAT.
Suitable for application by rubberising spray gun, textured roller or brush. A brush is ideal for touch ups. Stir contents thoroughly before applications. Clean equipment with water before the touch dry state.

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